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Data Structure

Algebraic Expressions InFix PostFix Prefix
Algorithm Asymptotic Analysis
Algorithm Dynamic Programming
Array based linked lists
Basic Concepts of Complexity Classes – P-NP-NP- HARD-NP-Complete
Binary Trees
Circular Double Linked List Concept in brief
Circular Queue
Circular Single Linked List
Comparison of Linked List Variations
Concept Binary Search Tree
Concept of Binary Search
Concept of Bubble Sort
Concept of Linear Search
Concept of Searching and Sorting
Concept of Selection Sort
Converting a m-ary tree (general tree) to a binary tree
Data structure Overview
Data Structure : Stack Overview
Data Structure:Deque Overview
Design and analysis of Divide and Conquer Algorithms
Differences between recursion and iteration
Dijkstra’s shortest-path algorithm
Double Linked List
General Trees (m-ary tree)
Data Structure : Graphs
Algorithm Design: Greedy Approach
Linked List Concepts
Linked Lists
Minimum Spanning Tree (MST)
Overview of Recursion
Priority Queue, Heap and Heap Sort
Data Structure:Priority Queue
Queue Overview
Quick Sort
Search and Traversal Techniques for m-ary trees
Single Linked List In Brief
Threaded Binary Tree
Traversing a Graph BFT DFT

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